NEW FUTURA @ Leonine hill

sheet pile 24.0m length installation hard ground SPT value >50, excavation depth 13.0m with 3 layers of strut

T219 Orchord Bouldverd Station

sheet pile 16.0m length with soldier pile toe pin design installation for underpass construction from station to ION building

Access Shaft Banyan Drive Jurong island

sheet pile 24.0m length installed in hard sand layer with SPT value >80, near to the existing Live gas pipe line

Common Wealth

sheet pile length 12.0m installation for basement construction, close to the existing commentwealth MRT 1st reserve line.

Ayer Merabu Jurong Island

installation of zero sheet pile NS-SPJ 12.0m length near to the existing bridge for JTC substation building construction.

41 Bencoolen Street

installation of zero sheet pile 9.0m length (NS-SPJ) close to the existing boundary for hotel construction, marine clay layer until 6.0m deep

Marine Parade Road

installation of sheet pile 15.0m length for basement construction at elliet condo project, inside the sand layer until 12.0m, include one layer strut and access deck

Faber Walk

installation of sheet pile 9.0m and 12.0m for basement construction with two layer strut, marine clay layer until 6.0m depth

Tokio Marine @ Cecil Street

installation of sheet pile 12.0m length with one layer strut and metal seck for access, marine clay layer until 12.0m depth. for construction of pile cap