Great Changes & Great Abilities

1. Automatic Driving System
Press-in and extraction operations are automated
by computerised control system with IC card. It
improves operation efficiency.

2. Lightweight and Compact
Since the machine main body is light and
compact, it is easy to handle in loading and
unloading for transportation. The exterior design
has completely changed to elegant-rounded
shape and dynamic shape as well.

3. Fast and Powerful
The greatly improved press-in speed and
maximum press-in force can provide greater
working latitude on Silent Piler for more efficient

4. New Radio Controller
The output from transmitter and the reception
sensitivity are greatly improved, and the
anti-jamming wave function as well. Moreover, the
switch buttons are changed to the push type so
as to improve it’s durability. The transmitter gets
lighter and more compact.

5. User-Friendly Designs
1. Lighting devices for night work.
2. Pouring water device for smooth press-in work.
3. The new exterior designs provide easier working
conditions for sheet pile setting activities.

6. Engine Type Power Unit
The hydraulic source and electric power source
are integrated to the Power Unit, which has an
ultra-low noise engine. The integration of the both
sources is a great advantage in terms of easy
handlings, energy saving and labour saving. In
addition, the Power Unit has a storage space, so
called “Multi-Box”, where you can store
necessary tools for sheet piling activities, such as
welding devices, cutting devices, and basic
maintenance tools. The new Power Unit has
valuable triple functions.


Product Datasheet pdf